Below is a collection of photographs of the village and the surrounding area. During March 2001, Malcolm Hutton of Cairns in Australia sent us some World War II era snaps. During the same month the BBC came to Parkvile House and used our offices as a backcloth to a new television series starring Richard Wilson and Stephanie Cole. The BBC kindly   took some stills of the shoot, for our website. One of them is shown below. To speed downloading, 'thumbnails' are displayed. To see a larger version of any picture, click on it. after examining it, you may return to this version by just clicking on the picture. From time to time new pictures and information will be added. This update is at 25 March 2001.  

  Visitors to our site may wish to visit our village. You will be very welcome. Situated so close to London, yet still quite rural in character, Pinner and the surrounding area are beautiful.

The leaves of its many trees, varying from pale yellows through greens to dark reds convey an atmosphere of tranquillity so close to the everyday hustle and bustle.

This section of our web site is devoted to trying to illustrate its character by showing its historic buildings, some of its history and snippets about its famous or otherwise interesting residents

Opposite:'Naseby' A cottage on Pinner Hill, June 1999. We've since been informed that the timber for some of the frames came from the old Bank of England building.

'Naisby' A cottage on Pinner Hill, June 1999

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